Kick-Ass 2 To Start Filming This Summer

Good news for fans of the 2010 film Kick-Ass. A sequel currently just called Kick-Ass 2 has apparently been in the works for awhile  and already has a new director in place along with a completed script.

kick-ass-2Comic creator Mark Miller announced on the internet “Kick-Ass 2 films this Summer. I expect there will be an announcement of some sort in the next week. Certainly before Kapow next month for sure,” Miller went on to say that he will not be be at the helm, former director Matthew Vaughn is has co-written the movie. He added “Matthew [Vaughn] is co-writing and producing, Kick-Ass being a labor of love for him. He selected the perfect director last year and we’re very, very happy. Trust him… he knows what he’s doing.”

Millar has already seen the new script and is said to be very impressed with it. Graphic novel fans will know what to expect, as he claimed the story stays pretty close to it.

“I literally just got a hard copy of the screenplay delivered this morning. What can I tell you that nobody knows? Actually, not a lot if you’d read the book because it’s a very close adaptation,” he says  “I can tell you that Chloe’s a lot taller. Her brother’s about 6’5 or something so I’m hoping she stops growing soon as we’re planning a third one too.”

I’ve never seen the graphic novel but really liked the first film and am looking forward to seeing the 2nd one since I have no clue where the 2nd story might be going. Hopefully, it’s successful and is able to go ahead with Kick-Ass 3 but only time will tell.

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