Kim Kardashian Plans a 2017 Run for Mayor


Kim-Kardashian-running-for- mayor-of-Glendale-CaliforniaIn what is perhaps the most insane piece of news I have ever had to cover apparently reality show star and former sex tape diva Kim Kardashian is planning 2017 run for mayor of Glendale, California.

What’s really funny is cam isn’t even a resident of Glendale, California so she’s looking to buy a house there in order to allow her to run for mayor. I know she’s a “celebrity” and use that term loosely  (just like her vagina must be) but come on only an idiot would vote for this woman to be in charge of anything. If she does get elected I sure am never returning to California ever again because clearly the idiots would have taken over.

Then again, if it keeps her off of television then maybe a job as a politician is exactly what Kim Kardashian needs.

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