Kim Kardashian To Press Charges Against Flour Thrower


Looks like Kim Kardashian had a change of heart and has decided to press charges agkim-kardashian-flour-bomedainst the woman who flour bombed her on the red carpet Thursday night. The unnamed young lady allegedly tossed the flour on Kim as a way of protesting the wearing of animal fur by the reality TV star.

The animal rights group PETA said in a statement: 

"If she presses charges, at least people will be constantly reminded of her selfish, callous disregard for the cruel deaths that she causes by wearing fur."

They continue, "How much better it would be if she decided to evolve and enhance her image by donating her vulgar furs and exotic-animal skins to the homeless. The activist acted from the heart, something Kim doesn’t seem to have."
PETA concludes their statement by saying, "If anything, Kim should get a life, the very thing that she denies animals."

PETA also added that if the flour thrower needs help with her legal defense PETA would be willing to help if asked.

Kim supposedly changed her mind about pressing charges because she feels that nobody should have the right to get away with assault. Funny I was thinking that Kim should face some type of charges for assaulting our minds with her horrible TV appearances.

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