Kody Brown and Robyn of Sister Wives Announce Pregnancy!

On the Season three premiere of the tv show Sister Wives, Kody Brown and his numerous spouses moved to a new state and settled in 4 different Las Vegas, Nevada homes.

The biggest development since we last saw the giant family on television is that Kody and Robyn are expecting a baby together. That contributes to some complications with the other wives, of course, sfor example jealousy from Robyn's "Best Friend Forever" Meri, who is unable to have any more children.

Robyn approached her about it in person, nevertheless, and Meri showed her true colors like the classy lady that she is. She even lamented in her response that folks feel they need to be so sensitive to her concerning the child-bearing topic.

Everyone in the family was pretty psyched about the news, except for the teenagers Aspen, Hunter and Maddie. Then again we all  know how teenagers are. 

Since Robyn's 3 children have another father, this is actually her 1st child with Kody Brown, and a giant step in terms of being indoctrinated into the family unit.

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