Leprechaun remake finally gets a writer

leprechaun movie remake WWE

A while back we told you about how the WWE (yep the wrestling guys) were planning on remaking the cult horror classic Leprechaun movie. Harris Wilkins was selected to write the script for the movie after reaching a deal with Lionsgate and WWE films. I’ve never actually heard of Harris Wilkins before today but some quick googling I found out that he did actually sell a spec script that he wrote to Paramount recently.

This film which actually starred Jennifer Aniston and Warwick Davis is probably going to look like it was Academy worthy when the WWE gets done with it’s remake. I for one think that the only reason this movie is getting made is because the WWE films division was looking for some sort of starring vehicle for WWE wrestler Hornswoggle. At least one thing is for sure and that is at least the pressures off for anyone starring this film because if it’s anything other than a flop millions of people are going to be shocked.

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