Lil Wayne Starts Fight With Referee During Anti-Violence Charity Basketball Game

There’s nothing like starting a fight at an anti-violence charity basketball game, right?

Unfortunately, that’s ironically exactly what rapper/dumbass extraordinaire Lil Wayne did this past weekend while attending the fourth Annual Loose Cannon Celebrity Basketball Game at St. Louis University’s Chaifetz Arena Sunday evening

Lil Wayne who was coaching one of the teams participating in the charity basketball game and started arguing with a referee after a series of calls for his team that he disagreed with.

The rapper, allegedly spit and charged at the ref ready to throw down, while the referee tried to protect himself from the Young Money boss during the game.

A spectator phoned the police to report the assault, however, no cops were dispatched to the scene and nobody was arrested.

A portion of the proceeds for the game went to the Put Down the Pistol initiative, a local anti-gun violence program in St. Louis.

Per the initiative’s official site, the “program promotes a decrease in gun violence through the use of conflict-resolution skills, leadership, and anonymous crime reporting.”

Their statement also goes on to say, “In addition to crime reduction resources shared in the community, the program connects individuals with education, job training, healthy relationship, and responsible parenting resources in hopes of helping them to make responsible, positive life choices.”

Hopefully, Lil Wayne will not be the face of any more anti-violence charities as doing so would be pretty hypocritical.

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