Lindsay Lohan Considering Getting A Boob Job


Lindsay-Lohan-Glee-2012With her formal probation over and hopefully legal trouble and rehab stints behind her sources close to Lindsay Lohan is seriously considering getting a new pair of breasts and a few other plastic surgery procedures done in order to help kick start a whole new image.

Many people think Lindsay got breast augmentation back when she was 17 and those stories were just untrue. She was just an early bloomer. This time however, assuming she’s able to scrape together the cash we’re told Lindsay  looking to increase her breast size, get her nose done, make her lips fuller and remove some fat deposits around her body.

This allegedly all came about we’re told after Lindsay’s Playboy shoot because she just wasn’t happy about how she looked on film. Come this time next year when you see Lindsay Lohan in a bikini she’s going to look like an entirely different woman however most men won’t notice because they will probably be fixated on her new boobs.

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