Lindsay Lohan Hits Pedestrian With Car

Lindsay Lohan just can't catch a break. The troubled actress allegedly nicked a pedestrian with her car outside of a Hollywood club early this morning. Allegedly Lindsay Lohan brushed the leg of a man who happens to be the manager of the club while attempting a U-turn while she was surrounded by a flock of paparazzi.

This could be a probation violation if the man decides to press charges and it is determined that Lindsay Lohan committed a hit-and-run. Police came out to the scene after the incident and didn't file a report because the man said he wasn't injured and there were no visible marks.

Reportedly a few hours after the alleged incident the man went to the emergency room at the urging of paparazzi who told him that Lindsay Lohan was a rich celebrity and if he was hurt he would be set for life. Hopefully this doesn't affect Lindsay's probation and at some point in the future these paparazzi  start getting arrested for causing incidents like this one.

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