Lindsay Lohan Image Rehab Starts with SNL Return

She's finished with drug and alcohol rehab so now actress Lindsay Lohan started her image rehab with a return to Saturday Night Live last night. Lindsay has graced the television quite a bit over the last couple years but this is one of the first times she's been in the limelight that didn't involve handcuffs are full frontal nudity.

Any good talent agent will tell you the first step on the road to public-relations recovery is to laugh at yourself and whatever troubles you may have gotten into and Lindsey did just that last night on SNL.

Only time will tell what Lindsay Lohan we get, the drugged up one or the one who showed so much promise as a child actress. Is this the return New old Lindsay Lohan? Well, that's what her publicist would like for you to believe but because no boundaries are really pushed on the SNL episode we may have to wait a little bit before we see what this incarnation of Lindsay will be like. Here are a few highlights from last night's episode:


Monologue, featuring a Jimmy Fallon cameo:

Real Housewives of Disney:

Scared Straight:

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