Lindsay Lohan Misses Flight Back From Hawaii

Can you feel it? The Lindsay Lohan train feels as if it’s possibly ready to derail again. Today Lindsay Lohan missed her flight back to Los Angeles from her vacation in Hawaii. Now it appears Lindsay won’t be back in time for her scheduled taping of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

More importantly is quite possible she may miss her scheduled court appearance tomorrow morning. Hopefully she’s able to get things together and make it because Judge Stephanie Sautner has made it abundantly clear she’s no longer going to put up with excuses and will hold Lindsay accountable.

“Lindsay had a travel-related issue arise that took a few hours to sort out,” her rep says. “It has been resolved and she will be back in Los Angeles in time for her court appearance.”

A source tells us that Lindsay Lohan is booked on an afternoon flight and should be back in LA by tonight but you never really know what’s really going on with the troubled actress.

Missing the Ellen DeGeneres Show is a huge mistake on Lindsay’s part because it would have helped her possibly repair some of the damage her legal issues have caused her. Perhaps with leakage of her Playboy issue she just wasn’t ready for the circus that surely would’ve followed.

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