Lindsay Lohan off Probation For DUI

Lindsay is off probation and a chorus of Angels were singing, oh wait that was just some bored paparazzi standing outside the Los Angeles County Courthouse where Lindsay Lohan’s probation case.

lindsay-lohan-free-of-dui-probationThe trouble actress is finally off of probation for her 2007 DUI conviction. The judge approved Lindsay Lohan probation termination after determining that the actress had fulfilled her 120 hours of community service and all of her counseling sessions that were ordered after her 2011 necklace conviction.

The judge did warn Lindsay however to be on her best behavior because she still is on probation for last year’s necklace theft and will remain so until May of 2014. The judge one on to warn Lindsay to stop clubbing and focus on work because she does not want to see her in her courtroom ever again.

As for work as we reported earlier Lindsay Lohan will be appearing in an upcoming episode of Glee and she finally has been granted a work permit to enter Canada and began filming a TV biopic about Elizabeth Taylor later on this year.

Hopefully this girls turned a corner and this’ll be the last time we see her in a court for anything criminal related. Good luck Lindsay with all of those paparazzi following you around you might just need all the lucky can get.

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