Lindsay Lohan Opted For Playboy Shoot To Avoid Bankruptcy If Sent To Jail

It turns out Lindsay Lohan agreed to bare it all in an upcoming Playboy spread because the actress is on the verge of bankruptcy and needed a quick influx of cash just in case she is sent to prison next week.

No word on when Lindsay Lohan’s issue of the famous gentleman’s Magazine will be released but is said that Lindsay isn’t just doing a side shot that some celebrities opt for she’s actually leaving nothing to the imagination showing off every inch of her body. Gossip publications have been saying that the trouled actress got a million dollars to do this four day shoot over the weekend but sources inside the company have told us that in reality the amount is only a little more than half that amount.

Will this be what her career needed to get it back on track and will it help save the struggling Playboy empire? Only time will tell.

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