LMFAO’s SkyBlu Gets Injured Doing The Wiggle

LMFAO star SkyBlu hurt his back while executing the ‘wiggle’ dance move popularised by the duo’s hit song SEXY AND I KNOW IT on stage.
The famous rapper was forced to pull out of the group’s live shows starting back on December 11th after he was diagnosed with herniated discs and he’s presently receiving rehab treatment to strengthen his back.

Yesterday his bandmate and uncle, RedFoo, has disclosed the injury was caused by their crazy dancing.

During a television appearance on Good Morning America on, RedFoo explained, “He (SkyBlu) hurt his back wiggling. We didn’t know… Doctors said… it throws off his balance… When you wiggle, you have to balance it out and his muscles in his back, they just gave way.”

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery so that his millions of fans can experience SkyBlu wiggling on stage at the next LMFAO concert in 2012.

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