Long wait for 2012’s Doctor Who episodes

Looks like our worst fears have been confirmed: Doctor Who’s next season will not begin airing until sometime in the fall of 2012, meaning there’ll be approximately a nine-month break between the forthcoming Christmas special and the future installments. This has been reported for a while, ever since a BBC higher-up hinted the show would not air as usual next year.

Exactly how many episodes will we really get in 2012? Fans are still speculating that a run of thirteen episodes will be split in half, with a few airing next fall and some airing in the spring of 2013. A BBC America spokesperson told AOL TV, “fourteen episodes will begin shooting and airing in 2012, but when and how they will play out is yet to be determined.” (You will notice the representative said “begin” airing, not “finish.”) More info as we get it.

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