Lucy Lawless faces the possibility of up to three years in prison

Lucy Lawless pled guilty to trespassing on a ship used for oil-drilling in New Zealand, back in February of this year. If you recall Lawless boarded the ship with 6 Greenpeace activists as part of an environmental protest against Arctic oil drilling. Lucy Lawless three years in jail

Lucy Lawless and the six activists refuse to leave the vessel, which was in route to the Arctic. Lawless and the six activists stayed on the ship for seventy-seven hours in an attempt to raise awareness about the negative effect of Arctic oil drilling.

The actress will be sentenced this September and she could be facing up to three years in prison.

I have a feeling that the judge will give her some jail time because while peaceful demonstration is encouraged acts of civil disobedience like this where it affects the lives of others shouldn’t be tolerated. If you’re willing to stand up for a cause and perform an act of civil disobedience then you should be willing to face whatever punishment the courts deem necessary.


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