Madonna Considering US Presidential Run

Yes, you read that headline right the “Material Girl” herself Madonna is considering a possible presidential run sometime this decade. She says if she elected to the Oval Office she would stop on spending on military weapons and instead spend the money on education and art.Madonna running for US president

I for one hope that Madonna was just making a really bad joke because I personally do not see any chance at all of her becoming the first female president of the United States of America. I also think if she somehow magically got elected to office then you will probably see United States collapse after just  a year or two of her be an office.

I applaud Madonna for wanting to do something to make a difference I think that ambition and drive she has would be better used taking advantage of her fame and exploiting it to bring attention to worthwhile causes.

This is the first time that Madonna ever spoke of her desire to become the President of the United States and hopefully she reconsiders her ambition to run for the office because it will probably end up being a big waste of time and money for her because most people I’ve spoken with said that there was no chance in hell of them voting for her based on her past however the same people said that they would be willing to vote for Bill Clinton again and that’s really saying something.

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