Major cast changes in store for season 2 of Smash

Earlier this year smash got a new show runner and after the news we received today it appears as if he’s not afraid to shake things up. The ensemble cast for “Bombshell” the musical that is the premise for smash is currently holding casting calls for three new series regulars to start appearing in Smash’s upcoming season.

NBC smash new characters for season 2NBC’s Smash right now is currently looking for someone to play the role of Courtney. According to the casting call Courtney is an African-American chorus line member who must look as if she’s in her 20’s and have a very powerful voice. Courtney is also described as being “incredibly attractive and confident, but also open-minded and non-judgmental.”. I believe that the former American Idol alumni Melinda Doolittle would be perfect for this role since she is attractive and has a very powerful voice.

Next up to be cast is the character of Danny. Danny is described as being a working-class guy from Brooklyn in his mid-20s. They go on to say he must be “sexy, charismatic and musically gifted, but also self-destructive and remote.” The actor must also must have a rock ‘n roll voice or and R&B voice in right now nobody really springs to mind for me.

Last but not least there is Joe. Joe must be in his 20s and was described as “gay, very cute, incredibly open and optimistic.” Once again I’m at a loss for any recommendations for this port as well but hopefully they do a good job in casting all of the roles.

In order to give the new show runner time to make the necessary changes NBC is waiting to air Smash until January just like it did in season one. Smash however is set to pick up production once again in July of this year and our source promises there will be quite a few changes in casting and direction of the show.

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