Mark Hamill Confirmed To Return As Trickster For The Flash Season 2

Many people felt that the highlight for last seasons CW’s The Flash was Mark Hamill’s portrayal as the Trickster.

Hamill originally played the Trickster on the 1990’s television series starring John Wesley Shipp. To see Hamill reprising the fictional character that he played decades before was surely an unusual but exciting surprise for fans.

Now, here’s some even bigger news. Rumors had been circulating that Hamill could be coming back to the series, after new photographs of him on what seemed to be The Flash set surfaced on social media.

We can now confirm that Mark Hamill will be returning as the Trickster on The Flash Season 2. While we do not have any information on what episode or episodes he will appear on yet, we have confirmed that he will definitely be returning.

The Flash Season 2 is currently airing on Tuesday nights at 8 PM ET on The CW.

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