Marston Hefner Facing up to a Year in Jail

The 21-year-old son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, Marston Hefner has been officially charged with assault on his girlfriend Playboy playmate Claire Sinclair. If you recall two weeks ago Marston was arrested after police responded to a domestic dispute call and noticed bruises on his girlfriend Sinclair.

The official charges are spousal or cohabitant battery and vandalism. Marston Hefner must appear in person on March 21st to answer the charges.

Sinclair recently said she would not proceed with the charges if Marston Hefner would make a public announcement saying he was sorry. Marston did not apologize so Sinclair went to the police and insisted charges being levied.

I'm pretty sure regardless of the outcome you're not going to be seen Sinclair in anything playboy related ever in the future and not trying to downplay domestic violence issues from what I've heard from actual witnesses and seen in the police report unless Marston Hefner actually pleads out on this to avoid any more press there is no chance he will do any jail time because quite frankly there are so many holes in the story it's almost silly that it's actually going to court.

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