Meg Ryan to star in television show

After over a 30-year absence actress Meg Ryan is the latest big-name Hollywood actress making a return to weekly television.

Ryan is going to be starring in a show called Picture Paris which airs on the cable television channel Epix. Her show should be debuting in the fall of this year because the studio was so impressed with it that they put in a fast-track order.

Picture Paris is going to be a half-hour comedy television show from Brad Hall and is based on his short film by the same name which originally starred Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a suburban mom who has a dream after her children move out is to visit Paris with her husband but it turns out to be a lot less glamorous than she had hoped for. Filming is expected to start soon in Paris, France.

This show will be the first time that Meg Ryan has had a regular television role since her short-lived ABC Western Wildside which premiered all the way back in 1985. Meg Ryan those going to have more input this time around since she’s also signed on as executive producer. She’ll be joined by Aaron Kaplan and his Kapital Entertainment outlet, which is also behind HBO’s Divorce starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Drew Barrymore’s Santa Clarita Diet coming to Netflix later this year.

Ryan has been having trouble finding success on the big screen so the move to the small screen is a very logical decision. Her last film Ithaca had a lackluster premier back in 2015.

Hopefully, Meg Ryan can find a success on the small screen that she had a decade ago starring in movies.

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