Michael Floyd going to jail

The legal system in the state of Arizona really seems to show a lot of favoritism towards professional athletes. Current Minnesota Vikings and former Arizona Cardinal wide receiver Michael Floyd once again is in the news due to his alleged drinking issues.

If you recall this past NFL season the Arizona Cardinals released Michael Floyd after he was arrested for extreme DUI. The athlete later pleaded guilty and ended up getting very limited house arrest.

Floyd is in the news again after failing an alcohol test which is a condition of his probation. Michael Floyd and his legal team are blaming the failed test on him drinking kombucha tea.

The judge sentenced him to one day in jail for the failed test and ordered that he has complete his five days of house arrest. Which in my opinion is rather ridiculous. Michael Floyd has a documented history of alcohol issues and DUI’s and is in need of help. The judge had at his discretion to sentence the athlete up to 96 days in jail for the violation but chose to only give him one. Most likely, it’s going to be served in the Scottsdale, Arizona jail which has a celebrity wing.

Mark my words this will not be the last time you hear about Michael Floyd and an alcohol issue. Hopefully, the next time he decides to drive drunk he doesn’t kill anyone.

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