Michael Lohan Arrested Again!

Looks like constantly getting in trouble with the law is actually a Lohan trait. Once again Lindsay Lohan’s estranged father, Michael was rearrested this time he allegedly violated the terms of his original release by attempting to elude police officers by jumping off his balcony and climbing down a tree while running away from police.

Michael Lohan’s girlfriend Kate Major, called police just after 1 AM to report Michael had been making harassing telephone calls. This in itself could possibly be construed as a violation of Michael’s terms of release because prior to his release the judge ordered Michael Lohan to refrain from having any contact with his alleged victim.

Police came out to Major’s apartment to interview the woman and this time when he threatened her over the phone the police were able to hear it via speakerphone. Officers drove to Lohan’s hotel to confront him about the phone calls but before they could he jogged off his third floor balcony into a tree according to police officials.

Lohan was captured after a short foot pursuit. He was then taken to a hospital for what were told is a broken foot. Then taken to jail for violating a condition of pretrial release.

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