Morgan Freeman Closes His Mississippi Restaurant

Actor Morgan Freeman has closed his Madidi Restaurant in Clarksdale, Mississippi after the restaurant failed to turn a profit in 10 years. Freeman started the restaurant in 2001 with his business partner, Bill Luckett and both were sad to see the restaurant close so they held the party Wednesday night to celebrate the restaurant's life.

Luckett says in a statement, "We thank the many who dined with us over the years… The restaurant has never made money. It was never about the money to us. Success is not always measured in financial gains. There is a satisfaction in helping your community and exposing people to something they haven't been exposed to. We set out to offer an experience. Thanks to Morgan, and to me to a lesser degree, we had the capital to do that."

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  1. I dined at Madidis and spent a sobering weekend at the Ground Zero, the hotel above the club and visited the Delta Blues Museum. Morgan should bring this restaurant to any of a dozen cities the Bay Area, because we have the tourism resources to support a place like that. He could even kick up the quality of the cuisine. I could even see the eatery working in New Orleans. How about it Morgan?

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