Morgan Freeman Joins the Cast of The Movie Las Vegas

Morgan Freeman has joined the cast of the film Las Vegas which follows four old guys in Vegas for a bachelor party they are throwing for the only one of them who remained single. Currently the plot has the characters played by Kirk Douglas and Robert DeNiro and up falling in love with the same girl. The film currently is Being marketed as The Hangover meets Grumpy Old Men which if done right could be a very awesome movie.morgan-freeman-Las Vegas

So the four old men in Las Vegas are Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Kirk Douglas and Christopher Walken. The film will be directed by Jon Turteltab who brought National Treasure and While You Were Sleeping to the big screen.

Freeman is actually set to play a character by the name of Archie Clay, an Army veteran who decides to go ahead and go to this Las Vegas bachelor party in order to escape the watchful eyes of his son and daughter-in-law.

This is a pretty good in simulcast but one has to wonder how good these guys will do now that they’re up there in age. The other thing about this movie is will people 30 and under actually show up in theaters to watch a bunch of old men go to Las Vegas?

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