Movie Review: Spy

Spy, staring Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law, is a comedy surrounding the McCarthy’s character, Susan Cooper. She plays a desk bound CIA analyst assigned as Law’s support. Cooper is thrust into the field, when Law’s character is killed, and the top operatives covers blown. Her mission quickly spirals out of control when she saves the person she’s sent to observe. With Jason Statham’s dim witted Rick Ford and Peter Serafinowicz’s grab happy Aldo, Cooper sets out to keep a nuclear bomb out from being sold to the highest bidder.


I am not a fan of Melissa McCarthy’s in general, but I was extremely surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie! The action was better than expected and the comedic, awkward moments made me grip my head and cry ‘Nooo!’ in a good way. I have never rooted more for a character than I did McCarthy’s and found I genuinely liked her portrayal of Susan and had me relate to her character’s quick wit and self confidence. I highly recommend seeing this movie at least once. It’s in theatres now, definitely worth the money.

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