Murder She Wrote reboot coming to NBC

NBC‘s Murder, She Wrote reboot has been revived at the network now that Angela Lansbury is on board because in the reboot not only does she get a reoccurring character Dame Maggie Smith reportedly will be the next person to take up the character Jessica Fletcher a mystery writer from Cabot Cove, Maine.

There’s been some talk of a reboot many times but usually end up drawing the ire of Lansbury for being too dirty. In her opinion, Murder She Wrote should be about the mystery and not have any real love interests and definitely no sexual moments.

Originally the network attempted to make the show something considerably more graphic and gory like Fox’s Bones and star an up and coming actress such as Octavia Spencer or Felicia Day (depending on who you talk to) as an amateur sleuth who ended up solving murders every week. Had the show got air without the title no fuss would’ve been made and in all likelihood it could’ve been on the air for one to three years before having this plug pulled.

The main part of the problem of the original reboot is that over the years in Hollywood the word reboot has become a dirty word. In earlier times such projects would and called “revivals”, perhaps even “remakes” terms that suggest some kind of relationship with the original, but entirely separate and respectful towards the source material it is drawing upon. Also, the relationship with the original actors and directors would be less aggressive or adversarial.

Murder She Wrote is being fast-tracked by the Peacock network so look for a pilot to begin shooting within the next couple months.

Is this something that you would watch?

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