NBA player helps blind boys see

Utah Jazz guard Joe Ingles purchases $10,000 pair of glasses for visually impaired fan.

During this year’s playoffs, the Utah Jazz tested out some special yet expensive glasses that would give people with visual impairments the ability to watch an NBA game.

Eleven-year-old Landon Carter who is legally blind and loves the Jazz was one of the lucky people who got to test out these glasses. He loved them and they amazingly they allowed him to enjoy his favorite NBA team like he never did before. Unfortunately, after the game was over he had to give these wondrous glasses back.

Landon has a rare disability where his vision is perpetually blurry and he has to place his face inches away from anything he wishes to view. Obviously, this makes his life miserable and difficult to live.

Last month, however, the PR department for the Utah Jazz reached out to Landon’s parents under the ruse that they were conducting a market research study about the experience. In reality, Jazz guard Joe Ingles had a surprise for Landon. Apparently when he saw the visually impaired child at the game and how much he was enjoying the gift of sight decided right then and there he would purchase the $10,000 pair of glasses ensuring Landon has the gift of sight permanently.

With all the negative stories you hear about athletes these days, it’s always great to have something as heartwarming as this to talk about. Way to go, Joe Ingles truly wonderful person and care about your fans.

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