NBC Apologizes to Bachmann for Fallon Band Playing Off-Color Song

What do you get when you mix a struggling television network with a struggling politician? A dumb publicity stunt.

Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann demanded an apology from NBC after she appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night” Wednesday and the band played the 1985 Fish Bone song “Lyin Ass Bitch”. Today she received one from the network and from Jimmy Fallon himself in which he claimed that he had no idea the band was going to play that song.

Bachmann’s candidacy has been marred by her incorrect and embellished facts not to mention possible leaking of classified documents during a recent debate. To me this just feels like something both sides might do together in order to garner as much free publicity as possible.

Earlier this week before the apologies Michele Bachmann lashed out at NBC for not apologizing and taking disciplinary action against Fallon for what she called open sexism and bias.

It could be argued that it was just a humorous jab at the controversy surrounding the presidential candidate. To be honest if you go onto shows like this for the free publicity to promote your book and candidacy you have to have a sense of humor and let people at least poke fun at you a little.

This episode does have a bright side at least now many Americans myself included now know that Michele Bachmann probably cannot handle being in the White House because after all she nearly went ballistic over the partial playing of a song on late-night TV.

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