NBC Shakes Things Up By Pulling Community

Things aren’t looking too good for the Peacock network as NBC is trying to get viewers by shaking up its primetime schedule. As we hit midseason it appears the only thing people are watching on NBC right now is football on Sundays so the moves aren’t that big of a surprise.

The first big move is the Wednesday 8 to 9 block were Whitney will move from Thursday’s at 9:30 to Wednesday’s at eight while Are You There, Chelsea will debut at 8:30. These changes start January 11th.

The big shocker comes on Thursday nights with critics favorite Community been put on hold indefinitely so that 30 Rock can air in its place starting January 12th. Up All Night has been moved to Thursday so it could be protected ratings wise by a bigger lead-in.

NBC tells us this isn’t the end of Community it’s simply being shelved until a slot opens up but it does look like this is the end for Prime Suspect.

With the airdate shakeups and the large influx of midseason replacements such as The Voice and Smash it starting to look like NBC is in a lot of trouble this year.

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