NBC’S Smash Starting To Sing Happy Renewal Tune?

The numbers are in and last night, NBC's Smash got a slight ratings boost for its 4th episode with nearly 6.9 (2.4 rating) tuning in. Could it be that word is getting out how good this show actually is or was it some people were just looking for an alternative to the Daytona 500 which got an impromptu airing on Fox? Whatever the case NBC is ecstatic to see the show pick up the numbers for the second week in a row.

It may be too soon to speculate but word is the musical drama more than likely will wind up singing a happy renewal tune after all, and with a shakeup coming in the next couple of weeks we can expect Smash to become watercooler talk every Tuesday morning. Next week's episode "Let's Be Bad" as its promo video below:

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