Netflix In Talks To Revive Cult Favorite Jericho With New Episodes

Oh the power of Netflix. It seems that perhaps the DVD rental and online video streaming juggernaut has the power to revive television shows that have been dead for quite a while. We have learned that Netflix is in talks with CBS about the possibility of reviving the television show Jericho and that CBS is seriously considering allowing it to happen.Jericho-Netflix

You don’t remember the show you’re not alone it really did struggle in the ratings but did have quite a devout following of regulars until that one off the air back in 2008. Jericho followed the residents of a small Kansas town in the wake of a nuclear attack and the show remains extremely popular on Netflix’s instant online streaming.

Netflix is already bringing back another cult favorite Arrested Development which is expected to return with new episodes in 2013 seven years after it ended its run and they’re hoping that they’re able to emulate this with Jericho as well.

They’re still too many hurdles right now to say it’s a done deal but if you were a fan of the show this progress is definitely something to celebrate. I expect to see more television shows that may be struggling a bit in the ratings but have a devout audience end up with new episodes on Netflix in the coming years and Netflix itself will probably look a lot different than it does now probably more like a cable network.

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