Netflix Passes on Terra Nova


Terra-Nova-Cancelled-By-FoxThere was a chance that Netflix would keep Terra Nova would be able to fight off extinction and live on with new episodes via Netflix. That possibility is now officially extinct just like the dinosaurs on the show.  

Over the last few weeks reps for both sides had hoped to reach an agreement to keep the show alive  but that came to an end when Netflix and 20th Television were unable to come to a mutually beneficial monetary terms.

The series, which starred Jason O’Mara and Stephen Lang, was cancelled by Fox in early March after spending they spent an estimated $10 million-$20 million on its two-hour premiere.

This opens the door to the possibility that Netflix may pickup a different cancelled show this year if they can find one worth saving that is. As for now however rest in peace Terra Nova you’re rating prove we hardly knew you.

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