New Michael Jackson Book To Talk About The Singers Drug Use

It looks like another person is looking to cash in on Michael Jackson’s tragic death with each another tell-all book about to hit the market. Frank Cascio, a former personal assistant and manager to Michael Jackson has written a book titled My Friend Michael: An Ordinary Friendship with an Extraordinary Man, which will reveal many things about the late King of Pop including his drug use.

Cascio, alleges that Michael Jackson started using the drug Demerol as early as 1984, after he was burned making a TV commercial for Pepsi. He goes on to say in the book that Michael basically continued using the drug for the rest of his life for various reasons and even claims Michael Jackson family was aware of the drug use but didn’t care.

Isn’t it funny all these people supposedly knew what was going on but nobody did anything until after the guy dies. If he was really their friend, family member, or anybody that cared about he’d probably still be alive today. That’s the dark side of fame people leech off you like your cash cow and even in death they try to make a quick buck off you.

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