New Shows Sci-Fi Orientated

ABC and Fox have decided to dip into the super human/futuristic shows genre. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., spurred on by the popularity of The Avengers and directed by Joss Whedon, of famed Buffy verse, this promises to be a popular show. Agent Coulson, alive from his run in with death from the movie, leads this cast and I, as a geek, squee at the trailer (above).

Fox hopes to draw back the sci fi crowd after it’s flub of canceling Firefly, after which came the movie hit Serenity. The cult following has grown to gargantuan proportions with the fans calling themselves Browncoats. For further information, please buy the season DVD and/or the movie. They may have a chance with Almost Human. It’s a buddy cop show, set in the future where one of the buddies is an android. The trailer looks pretty amazing, at first I mistook it for a summer movie trailer. Imagine my surprise when the Fox logo popped up and advertized when it will air. Hopefully this show will be aired in order and last more than a season.

Regardless I will definitely watch both shows. I just can’t wait!

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