NFL Suspends Suh 2 Games For Thanksgiving Day Stomp

Ndamukong Suh and his hot head has gotten him a two-game suspension without pay and possibly cost his team a shot at the postseason.

Today the NFL handed down the sentence against Detroit’s All-Pro defensive tackle for stopping on a Green Bay Packers player Evan Dietrich-Smith on national television during a loss on Thanksgiving Day.

Suh will miss Sunday’s night’s game at New Orleans and the December 11 game against the Minnesota Vikings. He will not be reinstated until December 12th.

Although he did call the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Sunday to apologize for his actions it really didn’t seem to help discuss. He has up to three days to appeal his suspension and if he does we are told the NFL will expedite the appeal process and reach decision before Suh’s game against the New Orleans Saints.

Ndamukong Suh has been raking up the fines since he joined the NFL last year as the number two pick. This year he grabbed Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton and threw him to the ground after he’d gotten rid of the ball third preseason game this year. He also was fined twice last year for shoving Chicago’s quarterback Jay Cutler high in the back and for twisting Cleveland’s quarterback Jake Delhomme’s face mask slamming him into the ground. In addition to all that Suh was fine $5000 for on sportsmanlike conduct during week nine of the 2010 season.

Suh has a $40 million guaranteed five-year contract with the possibility of earning up to 68 million so normal fines may not get his attention but I think suspensions may. If this suspension doesn’t get his attention I don’t know what will because up till now the Lions haven’t even been close to making the playoffs and are on the verge however without Suh they may not make it.

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