Nicole Scherzinger And Lewis Hamilton Split

If your like me you probably didn’t see this coming Nicole Schweizer and Lewis Hamilton have reportedly broken up. That’s a shame, Oh wait, who’s Lewis Hamilton? I actually had to look it up on Wikipedia because I had no idea who he was or that the pair were even dating. Turns out Lewis is a 26-year-old Formula One racecar driver.

Sources tell us that couple who had been dating for four years now broke up due to the fact they both have very busy lives and were unable to have any recent face-to-face contact with one another. We’re told that couples problems started when Lewis who races on the McLaren formula 1 team was quoted as saying he has no plan of having children because it would turn him into a less risky Formula One driver.

Nicole Schweizer’s schedule doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon as were told she is currently working on a new album while also working as a judge on the hit show X Factor.

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