No Charges Against Lane Garrison For Now At Least


I was starting to wonder If maybe Lane Garrison was a method actor or something and trying to get back on a show like Prison Break because it seems like he’s always looking for a way to get back into prison. Luckily, for now at least we are hearing that the D.A. is saying that prosecutors do not has efficient evidence and information at the moment in order to file a case against Lane Garrison but that could change over the course of the investigation.lane-garrison-mug-shot

Even if Lane dodges the bullet and ends up not being prosecuted for his alleged felony domestic violence against his former girlfriend Ashley Mattingly he’s not out of the woods yet because Lane is still on probation for his 2007 manslaughter conviction and must find out if the parole board intends to take action against the actor.

In case you missed it though Lane’s former girlfriend Ashley Mattingly claimed that on Saturday night she was hit by Lane Garrison and there is a videotape of the encounter. However, Lane’s attorney is saying that the tape does not show Lane striking Mattingly it simply shows him reaching for the cell phones that she grabbed away from him without permission.

Right now Lane is currently being held in a Beverly Hills on a parole hold until it is determined what actions if any the parole board will take against the troubled actor.

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