No Summer Tour This Year for the Glee Cast

Those kids at McKinley high are finally getting a summer vacation after spending the last two summers on the road performing Glee Live! In Concert!. It was announced today that the cast of the hit show and concert series will be taking a 2 ½ month hiatus rather than performing on tour.

If you did have plans on catching the Glee gang singing in person this year don't fret yet my friend as were told the producers are hoping to do a benefit concert in the Hollywood Bowl this fall. The proceeds from the show would go to Glee's arts education charity "Give Glee A Note" and if they do hold a concert there hoping to raise at least $10 million.

On a side note, I do find interesting that Glee has not yet been picked up for its fourth season which could mean the real reason for the break is show runners are unsure of its future due to the declining ratings over the this third season. Hopefully they can get it all figured out and go back to the summer concert tours starting in 2012 because last year's tour grossed more than $40 million across the US, Canada, England, and Ireland making it the 16th most successful concert tour of 2011.

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