One of my favorite animes, Noragami is an exciting anime. There are three main characters, Yato, Hiyori, and Yukine. Yato is a minor god who wants to become a major god, a well-known god. To do so he completes tasks that normal humans ask him to do. In order to complete the tasks, the person has to pay him 5 yen. Since he is a small time god he doesn’t charge as much, so he can get more business. The only problem is that the normal people can only see him and his advertising if they look closely. So, he hardly gets any calls for tasks. When he was looking for a young boy’s cat he saw it run out into the road and jumped out into the road to chase after it. Hiyori saw him, although no one else could see him and pushed him out of the way of a bus. What everyone else saw was that she ran right in front of the bus. When this accident happened her soul ‘slipped out’ and she became a half-phantom, half human. Gods fought phantoms to get rid of them. Phantoms were evil spirits that corrupt people, but there are some good spirits. Those good spirits become Regalias, like Yukine. A god finds a noncorrupted spirit and gives it a human name and a Regalia name. A Regalia is like a god’s weapon, but they’re also human. Like gods, Regalia’s can’t be seen by normal humans, but gods can be seen if someone was looking closely. Together Yato, Hiyori, and Yukine go on adventures. They fight phantoms, meet other gods, and have lots of fun.

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