Owner of Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Is Looking For Buyer

I can picture it now some lady saying "I thought you said you had a 24 inch python" right before Hulk Hogan does a Running Leg Drop as a finishing move in this truly grotesque adult film. Anyway were told that a grainy tape featuring Hulk Hogan and some of his bedroom wrestling matches with someone other than his current or even ex-wife.

In the film Hulk Hogan pulls off his shirt and looks over at his companion bragging that he started working out again. Hulk also apparently reveals that he doesn't sunbathe because dude has a very pasty thong shaped tan line.

Hulk Hogan's lawyers are attempting to block any sale of the video claiming it was secretly filmed without permission and they are willing to take any steps necessary to enforce both civil and criminal liability.

So let me ask you "Watcha going to do when someone tries to show this Hulk Hogan tape to you? I know I will run away screaming!

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