Paramount Confirms Top Gun Sequel


Good news to all you Top Gun fans we’ve learned that Paramount has green lit a Top Gun sequel and will be trying to bring back both Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer to star in their original roles. The movie will be directed by Tony Scott and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Paramount has already hired Peter Craig to write the script.tom-cruise-top-gun-2

They are so serious about making this sequel soon that they are suggesting the shooting schedule to have Tom Cruise film Top Gun 2 before he does the next Mission Impossible film.

A good reason to be enthusiastic about this film is the fact that it has Jerry Bruckheimer attached to it and after all he is the most successful producer on the face of the earth and he’s not going to let them put out a crappy movie that has his name attached to it. The man’s movies have made over $50 billion so I’m sure he can come up with a way to make this one successful. Then again it does have Tom Cruise and if anyone can screw up a Jerry Bruckheimer film he would be the man I would bet could do it.

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