Pepsi Picks Nicki Minaj to Promote New Beverage

Pepsi has selected Nicki Minaj to be the face of a new beverage Pepsi is calling Pop. Yep, these guys are Pepsi sure do know how to come up with an original name don’t they?

Pepsi plans on having commercials for their newest soft drink blanketing across televisions everywherein the next two months. Reportedly Niki Minaj has the opportunity to make millions off of this deal depending on how well the soda sales. Last year Minaj made an estimated $6.5 million making her the highest-paid female rapper in the music industry.

I think this may be a good move on her part but please let them do something along the lines of having Nicki Minaj and her abnormally large mouth devour entire soda bottle. I don’t think they would even need to use any special effects for that because her mouth probably could handle it with room to spare.

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