Peter MacNicol To Depart CSI: Cyber

CSI: Cyber recently aired season one’s finale and was renewed by the skin of its teeth. The renewal was not without its casualties. We’re told that Peter MacNicol will not be coming back next season to reprise his role of FBI Assistant Deputy Director Simon Sifter, the boss who has to play devil’s advocate to Patricia Arquette’s Dr. Avery Ryan. CSI: Cyber is, of course, the 3rd CSI spinoff, following CSI: Miami and CSI: NY. Contrary to what one could imagine, CSI: Cyber isn’t about crime scene investigators solving cases in the sleepy-eyed ranching town of Cyber, North Dakota, but about a Federal Bureau of Investigation team of cyber crime investigators based out of Quantico, Virginia.

MacNicol’s deleted program is part of a larger CSI mainframe disruption, which extends to Ted Danson’s D.B. Russell character being CTRL-X cut from CSI and CTRL+V pasted into CSI: Cyber. The change is not a direct file swap, however, as Arquette’s Dr. Ryan will not report to D.B. Russell. This is despite Danson’s character knowing as much about digital attacks as the crusty old guys who run CBS, which would have made his direct oversight of a cyber crime unit much more authentic. Rather, showrunners expressed interest in seeing a more autonomous Dr. Ryan, possibly to prevent a more autonomous Arquette from departing the show with Oscar in hand.

While Peter MacNicol won’t be around when season 2.0 is released this fall, CSI: Cyber is expected to retain Van Der Beek and Shad Moss.

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