Phoenix Comicon 2012

430x270xthumb.php,qsrc=,,_wp-content,_uploads,_2012,_02,_phxcclogo_transparent_large.png,ah=270,aw=430,azc=1.pagespeed.ic.m7Jq5zT751 (430x270)Phoenix Comicon 2012 is nearly here kicking off Memorial Day weekend May 24th-27th 2012. I encourage you if you can attend please do and get your Geek On.

This year the Phoenix Comicon the chance to boldly go where no other Southwest comicon has ever gone before with its largest and most diverse guest line up to date.

This year the Phoenix Comicin is attempting to cement themselves as the signature pop culture convention of the southwest. Star Trek Captain William Shatner (“James T. Kirk”) and Eureka star Colin Ferguson (Sheriff Jack Carter) lead what many are calling the most diverse guest line up ever to appear at the Phoenix Comicon.

Other attendees include actor Jon Bernthal, from AMC’s hit TV show, “The Walking Dead”, who many of you have sent me e-mails about wanting to know exactly what’s up with him now that he’s left the show . Perhaps I’ll be able to even get in an interview with an old acquaintance of mine legendary actor Ed Asner, who is probably best remembered for voicing the main character in Pixar’s movie, “Up.”

I’m actually giddy with excitement over the impressive guest list that the Phoenix Comicon has somehow managed to have assembled. I especially am looking forward to the cast members from Star Trek: The Next Generation and the cast of one of my favorite shows currently in his last season on television Eureka.

The original cast members from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” include:
LeVar Burton, “Geordi LaForge”
Michael Dorn, “Worf”
Marina Sirtis, “Deanna Troi”
Brent Spiner, “Data”
Wil Wheaton, "Wesley Crusher"

The cast members from Eureka include:
Colin Ferguson, "Sheriff Jack Carter"
Debra Farentino, "Beverly Barlow""
Jamie Paglia, "Co-creator of Eureka"
Salli Richardson-Whitfield, "Dr. Allison Blake"
Wil Wheaton, "Dr. Isaac Parrish"

Other notable Film and TV actors:
Jeremy Bulloch, “Boba Fett”, Star Wars
Gigi Edgley, “Chiana”, Farscape
Erin Gray and Gil Gerard, “Colonel Wilma Deering”, “Buck Rogers” respectively, Buck Rogers.
Tony Amendola, “Jaffa Master Bra’tac”, Stargate SG-1
Casper Van Dien, “Johnny Rico”, Starship Troopers.

And of course comic books creators will be attending they include include:

Brian Augustyn – Writer/Editor “Flash”
Howard Chaykin – Artist “Avengers 1959″, “American Flagg”
Jim Cheung – Artist “Scion”, “Young Avengers”, “New Avengers: Illuminati”
William Christensen – Publisher, Avatar Press
Mike Debalfo – Cover artist “Return to Wonderland”
Garth Ennis – Writer “Crossed”, “Preacher”, “Punisher”
Jay Fotos – Creator/Writer “’68″, “Death Dealer”
Raven Gregory – Creator/Writer, “The Gift”, “Grimm Fairy Tales”
Greg Horn – Cover Artist “Blackest Night”, “Flash”
Stuart Immonen – Artist “Ultimate Spider-man”, “Ultimate X-Men”
Scott Koblish – Artist “OMAC”
Greg Land – Artist “X-Men”, “Birds of Prey”, “Fantastic Four”
David Lapham – Writer, Artist “Crossed: Family Values”, “Stray Bullets”
John Layman – Creator/Writer “Chew”
Bob Layton – Artist “Iron Man”
David Mack – Creator/Artist “Kabuki”, Cover artist “Alias”
Francis Manapul – Writer/Artist “Flash”, “Superman Batman”
Mike McKone – Artist “Teen Titans”, “Fantastic Four”, “Avengers Academy”
Tony Parker – Artist, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”
George Perez – Artist “Superman”, “Wonder Woman”
Khoi Pham – Artist “Mighty Avengers”
Avatar Press – Leading independent publisher
Brian Pulido – Creator/Writer “Lady Death”
Arthur Suydam – Cover artist “Marvel Zombies”
Billy Tucci – Creator/Artist “Shi”, Artist “Hereos for Hire”, “Sgt Rock”
Freddie Williams II – Artist “Captain Atom”, “Robin”
Ryan Winn – Artist “Batman”, “Detective Comics”
Zenescope – Publisher “Grimm Fairy Tales”, “Return to Wonderland”

Something that really interests me is the fact that I’m told that literature is a growing interest among people who visit Comicon’s so I was excited to see the extraordinary list of local artists in attendance

Authors attending include:

Kevin Hearne – Iron Druid Chronicles: Hounded, Hexed, Hammered & Tricked
Kris Neri – High Crimes on the Magical Plane, Magical Alienation
J. S. Lewis – Grey Griffins
James A. Owen – Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica, Drawing out the Dragons, Starchild
Jeffrey J. Mariotte – Dark Vengeance, Nine Frights, Cold Black Hearts, Desperadoes, Fade to Black
Weston Ochse – Empire of Salt, Scarecrow Gods, Seal Team 666
Yvonne Navarro – Afterage, Highborn, Concrete Saviour
Michael A. Stackpole – I, Jedi, At The Queen’s Command, Of Limited Loyalty, Once a Hero
Gini Koch – Alien in the Family, Alien Proliferation
Janni Lee Simner – Bones of Faerie, Faerie Winter, Thief Eyes
Michael Spradlin – The Youngest Templar, Spy Goddess
Marsheila Rockwell – The Shard Axe, Legacy of Wolves
Tom Leveen – Party, Zero
Sam Sykes – Tome of the Undergates, Black Halo, The Skybound Sea
Joe Nassise – The Templar Chronicles, Eyes to See
Janette Rallison/C. J. Hill – My Fair Godmother, My Double Life, Slayers

Most of the kids who are in attendance at Comicon are probably there for Anime and once again the list of attendees is rather impressive.

Anime guests attending include:

Vic Mignogna – Voice actor from Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, Vampire Knight, and Kekkaishi
Chris Patton – Voice actor from Fullmetal Alchemist, D Gray Man, and BECK
Maile Flanagan – Voice actor from Naruto and Rango
Quinton Flynn – Voice actor from Bleach, Kingdom Hearts II, Naruto
Phil Lamarr – voice actor from Samurai Jack, Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4, and Futurama

Phoenix Comicon 2012

One of the best things about the Phoenix Comicon is that fans in attendance will have the opportunity to meet with and get autograph of all of these guests. Which is rather exciting after spending years watching meet people bring our favorite characters to life in television, movies and print.

The Phoenix Comicon officially kicks off  in the afternoon of Thursday, May 24th and runs throughout the weekend. If you do decide to go make sure that you check out out the exhibitor hall, tried to meet actors and writers, and be on the lookout for all of that hard to find geek items. If you’re able to also plan on attending some of the concerts and dances that last till 2AM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights because I hear those are actually rather good.

Full event passes are just $40 till the weekend of the show going up in price the day of the event, and kids twelve and under always get in for free (with paid adult membership with a limit of 2 children per adult). If you’re not gonna make it for all the days single day tickets are also available.

Phoenix Comicon 2012 is expected to draw over 30,000 attendees to the Phoenix Convention Center and Hyatt Regency in Downtown Phoenix so be sure to plan accordingly and possibly consider taking the light rail to the event.

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