Phoenix Comicon 2015 attendance numbers

If you went to this year’s Phoenix Comicon you know that a lot of people decided to attend. However, this year on top of being extremely successful brought in 75,501 attendees. The Phoenix Comicon released the following statement on Facebook:

We know you’ve been asking and we’re proud to share. The final attendance for Phoenix Comicon 2015 was 75,501.

Thank you for making this the most successful Phoenix Comicon ever. The immediate feedback we have received over the last week indicates that you feel as we do – our success isn’t necessarily determined by numbers, but by the experience. Seeing photos you’ve shared and reading your comments and messages tells us that Phoenix Comicon 2015 was better than ever. We’re excited to continue the experience at Fan Fest, December 4-6.

We’re looking forward to going to going to next years Comicon in addition to this year’s Fan Fest at University of Phoenix Stadium. Hope to see you there!

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