Phoenix Comicon 2015 Featured Exhibitor: The Subtle Geek

While walking the Exhibitor Hall, this past weekend, I was happy to see new vendors mixed with the old. One particular vendor caught my eye with a rather unique form of Geek. It was the monochromatic color scheme that was not only surprising, but refreshing to the eye. It was a beacon among the garish and gaudy color palates, a safe haven.

At first glance, the wristlets and the tote bags, finely made (I had admired the quality of it, convinced it was made in a factory) did not give the indication that it exactly  belonged  in the Con. Upon closer inspection of the fabric I was surprised and delighted to see a police box: Doctor Who! And I inspected another, Star Trek! And another, Sherlock Holmes!

It was then the owner, the lovely Danielle Worley, came over and gave me some information on her company.

“I custom order the fabric,” She said “I make the patterns and sew it all myself.” I complimented her on her skill, because as a sewer myself I know how sometimes things don’t always work out the way you want it. “I know what you mean!” When I told her as much. She pointed to one of the wristlets “I think it was a Tuesday night, I sewed right off the fabric. At that point I just set it aside. I was tired!”

She said it was her first time having a booth at the Phoenix Comicon. “I have an Etsy store, but right now I have it closed while I am here.” She gave me her business card, Black and White, just like her fabrics. I was impressed was the way it was put together, I walked along and inspected some more of her items, headbands and hair bows – totes with matching wristlets, different sized zippered bags.

I sincerely hope she returns for next year’s Comicon because her bags definitely worth having!

You can find The Subtle Geek on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Etsy

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