Phoenix Comicon 2015 Most Memorable Panelists

One of the things I did, that I haven’t done previously, was attending a panel about costuming and Cosplay. Once I had gotten directions from the information both I made my way to the Renaissance Hotel in Salon 1 and 2. The Panel? Building and Fitting a Corset.

I had arrived early to ensure that I had time to get settled and to also get a good seat. One of the panelist was going around and introducing herself to those who were attending. She had introduced herself as Madam Askew. She asked if I have ever made a corset before, I answered in the negative – closest thing I have done to a corset is watch videos on YouTube! But I do sew.  “It’s a start!” She was charming and witty and was a pleasure to converse with. She handed me her card with the comment “You can call me if you ever get frustrated. ‘Jocelynne, why does the fabric hate me?!’ I can help, believe me there are times when you feel like the fabric does hate you!” When she isn’t 137year old time traveling tea fiend, she is Jocelynne Weathers with Lady in Waiting Fashions out of Tuscon Arizona.

The Panel stated, not only with Madam Askew, but also partner Marjorie Kosky and Tanglwyst de Halloway, a 20 year plus veteran costumer. There were a lot of things covered in the panel: always do a mock up! Bridal boning is your enemy! Make sure you can breath! Make sure your corset is washable! Make sure you can put it on and take it off with no assistance necessary!

But my absolute favorite was, when talking about washablitity, Tangl  said “Actors….make smells.” Causing Mdm Askew to choke a little on the water she had just sipped.

About fitting, Marjorie told us a story when she was first married, she was tiny and made a corset with a 17 inch waist (definitely not recommended) and she attended a party, she became lightheaded and started to pass out when her husband, recognizing what was happening, took out a knife and cut the dress and the corset off. She ended the story with “We were late to that party.” causing the room to chuckle.

The entire time (to be honest 1 hour was not nearly enough time to cover it all!) the ladies were funny and informative. There was also recommended text, written by Tangl about everything costuming (Link Posted below).

I sincerely hope I will see the ladies again next year, because I am definitely looking forward to it!

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