Phoenix Comicon Panels Sunday, May 31

I was fortunate enough to get to the panel seating early and get front row, center (Thanks for helping Mike!)  The following are the photos from the four panels as well as memorable moments from: Christopher Lloyd, Ron Perlman, Danielle Panabaker and Karl Urban.

Full house!

Though, sitting in a large ballroom for 6 hours isn’t quite what I call fun, the panels that day made it more enjoyable than anticipated. Christopher Lloyd surprised everyone, by not sitting at the table and walking back and forth across the stage, standing in front of the person asking questions and looking them in the eye. He said that “Back to the Future” is a never ending cycle, inspiring people to go into the sciences.   Ron Perlman’s first words when taking up the microphone were “If you brought your kids, it may be a bad choice. It’s going to get a little gnarly in here!”  He was quick with his smiles and answered honestly: He wants to do Hellboy 3, pushing for it really, also he was there to promote his new show ‘Hand of God’.   Daniel Panabaker was very polite and patient with the people (kids) asking questions with the majority asking what’s in store for Season 2 of ‘The Flash’. She shared fond memories of working with her sister. She was excited to go back to work on ‘The Flash’.   Karl Urban regaled the audience with all the pranks that happened on the various sets of the TV and Movies he was in, and often asked the signer (to the left of the stage) how to sign various things like ‘stolen’ and ‘balls’. He’s set to start on the third installment of Star Trek in 3 weeks.

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