Phoenix Comicon Photo’s from Thursday & Friday


Pirates at Phoenix Comicon

The Phoenix Comicon is here and after two days at my very first Comicon ever I must say that it sure is interesting. I’ve seen hundreds of people in costumes, purchased some comic books and a Woman of Sci-fi panel Phoenix Comicon 2012few other items and even set in on a few panels my favorite of which was The women of Sci-fi featuring Eureka’s Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Debrah Farentino along with actress Erin Gray and Starship Troopers Dina Meyer.

The most revealing panel however goes to Marina Sirtis who play Deanna Troi on Star Trek: The Next  Generation. Let’s just say she’sMarina Sirtis nothing like her character on Star Trek as far as attitude goes in fact one could say she come off a bit obnoxious. However, I did learn a lot in all the panels and will be posting in more detail about them soon. For now however I’m just going to post some pictures since I need to rest up from two days in a row at the Phoenix Comicon.

Here are a few of my favorite costumes so far at the Phoenix Comicon for Day 1 and 2. I promise I will blog more in detail soon and post even more pictures of the 2012 Phoenix Comicon so you may want to bookmark this site.

Kickass Phoenix Comicon 2012

Storm Xmen Phoenix Comicon 2012








Phoenix Comicon 2012 lady

Girls of Phoenix Comicon 2012








Elecktra Phoenix Comicon 2012

Scifi pics Phoenix Comicon 2012








Superhero and Dalek Phoenix Comicon

Courtney Leigh Creations 2012 Phoenix Comicon







Phoenix Comicon Thor Lady

Steam Punk 2012 Phoenix Comicon Costume







Skull guy costume

Storm troopers comicon Phoenix






Comicon pic 2012 PhoenixNo clue what this costume is

If your in Phoenix you should come check it out it still runs Saturday and Sunday.

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