Phoenix Comicon!

The one event a year where the excitement and awe of total geekdom converges into one spot in Phoenix. Yes, there are local comic shops and yes, there are plenty of places online where you could purchase various knickknacks and sundry for reasonable places. But where else could you geek out over the General Lee with Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) herself chilling inside the building? Where you could dress up in your best Steampunk and party with others of like mind waaaay into the night? Where you could purchase a photo op with Batman, Robin and Catwoman (Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar) one minute and get another with the Power Rangers (Walter Jones, David Yost and Austin St.John) the next?

Phoenix Comicon.

Every year it becomes more and more awesome, and every year the attendance numbers rise. Is it any wonder with Nathan Fillion, Bruce Campbell and John Barrowman on this year’s roster? Plus Authors Jim Butcher of Dresden Files fame and Charlaine Harris creator of Sookie Stackhouse…you know True Blood was based on her books, right? (you know you watched the TV shows and compared it to the books)

Don’t forget Stan ‘The Man’ Lee. If you don’t know who that is, stop reading this entirely and just leave, you wouldn’t be interested in Comicon.

If you do attend, remember to bring water! You will need it. If you want to be nice, bring extra bottled water for those who have those heavy costumes. You could be a random persons hero. Bring cash! Some vendors do accept Credit Cards and some have square, but if you want to be full of awesome, bring cash especially if you want autographs.

Go to : for the full list of guests and Panels.



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